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“Flu Shot Gone Wrong is one mother’s riveting account of her families’ journey from catastrophe to exultation.  The unconditional love and unshakeable faith detailed within this page turner will inspire you to persevere, even in the face of insuperable adversity.” - Grace Rollins, Owner Of L&R Associates, and Real Estate Broker 50+ years.

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“Ms Mouille writes with enthralling sincerity. A must read for any parent” - Jacob Alford, Esq. Attorney

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“Every chapter of this book caused me to become progressively impassioned.  I cried, empathized, hoped, and celebrated, finding myself engrossed in every word.  A truly beautifully written account of personal tragedy that will restore your belief in the power of prayer and divine miracles” - Christine Cumberledge, B.M. ED. Middle School Band Director, Included several times in “Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers”

“An inspirational love story that will move the hardest of hearts.  A mother’s love, tested almost beyond human comprehension, proves to be enduring and unconditional, especially when coupled with faith and the grace of God.  A remarkable journey you will never forget.” - Susan G. Simmons, J.D., Mba Attorney

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